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  • How Do I Get Referred?
    You may be referred by your family physician or a walk in clinic. You may also self-refer by calling our clinic directly.
  • When Should I be Referred?
    Ideally you should be referred as soon as possible in your pregnancy. This allows us time to complete any prenatal genetic counselling and testing that may be time sensitive.
  • What Happens at my First Visit?
    Your first visit with the clinic will involve your medical history and prenatal genetic counselling. You will also be required to complete some routine antenatal forms at this visit. Relevant lab tests will also be ordered at this visit. If you have had any blood work or ultrasounds completed prior to to this visit, please have them forwarded to the clinic. The visit may take 30-45 minutes. You may also have a complete physical exam, or depending on timing may have this scheduled for the following visit. If you are over 25 years old and it has been more than 3 years since your last pap smear, a pap smear will be offered as part of your complete physical. For further information regarding prenatal genetic screening, please visit BC Prenatal Screening.
  • What About Ultrasounds?
    A first trimester ultrasound for dating is recommended between 8-12 weeks after your last menstrual period. At 19-20 weeks a detailed ultrasound is recommended. 3D ultrasounds are available privately at various imaging facilities. Please inquire at each facility regarding their fees.
  • How Often Are My Appointments?
    Your appointments will be scheduled monthly until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until you deliver.
  • Who Do I Call?
    Please contact the Burnaby Maternity Clinic for any questions or concerns during office hours. After 20 weeks gestation, please contact the birthing suite at 604-412-6293 for any urgent or emergency concerns.
  • When Do I Call?
    Please contact the birthing suite (604-412-6293) if: Your water breaks Your contractions are every five minutes and lasting 45-60 seconds and are strong enough that you cannot walk or talk through them You have not felt your baby move You notice a reduction in your baby’s movements You have any unusual discharge or leaking You experience any vaginal bleeding You have sudden onset of abdominal pain You have a severe headache, dizziness or double vision You are unable to eat or drink longer than 24 hours because of illness You have any other urgent concerns
  • Which Doctor Will be Delivering My Baby?
    Our physicians work closely together as a team. When you go into labour, the clinic doctor on call will take care of you during labour and delivery. This may not be the same physician that you have seen for your appointments. If you require a forceps delivery or cesarean section an obstetrician will be involved with your care.
  • What Happens After The Delivery?
    The average postpartum stay following a normal vaginal delivery is one to two days. After a cesarean section, you may stay for up to three days. After discharge, you will return to the care of your family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor, the baby and you will be followed at the clinic for up to six weeks postpartum. At six weeks postpartum, a routine pap test and pelvic exam is recommended and provided by the maternity clinic if you are over 25 years old and it has been greater than 3 years since your last pap smear.
  • What About the Baby’s Blood Test Taken at the Hospital?
    In British Columbia all newborn babies have a blood sample drawn after 24 hours of age and submitted to the BC Newborn Screening Program. For further information, please see the parent information sheet.
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